What I’ve learned so far

First, I don’t seem to mind working in a fishbowl at all! I like how people look in – after all, it is natural, we all look in the shop windows as we go by. I especially like it when I can see that a painting catches someone’s eye, even for a moment, and it registers. Sometimes I can overhear comments, like “Oh, that’s an artist working in there.” I especially like seeing the little kids’ faces when they go by with their nursery school teacher, all in a line holding hands.

Second, people are not shy about coming in and asking me about the paintings. A lot of people are interested in having their portraits done, or else commissioning a picture of a new baby, or of a whole family group, some of whom might live far away. The main challenge seems to be actually getting someone to commit. I’m not sure if the issue is time or money, or both. I also think there is an underlying issue – it takes a certain degree of assertiveness and confidence to take hold of art for oneself in this way. Luckily I have had two models so far, my son and Will.

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