Saturday at Window Studio

We have started Saturday classes at Window Studio this summer with new students taught by the artists-in-residence, not by Miss Anne. The vibe at yesterday's class was particularly sweet, as our new student Jenneah worked with Leon and Kimora. Leon introduced working with clay, and the girls each made pinch and coil pots. Kimora, who can sometimes get tempermental working in the weekday classes seems to really enjoy working with another girl her own age. The two of them stayed drawing together for awhile after class ended, singing along with Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" which Leon had playing as he worked on his own work. We also had a lot of people stop in to see what was going on and inquire about classes who were impressed by what they saw. Who wouldn't have been!
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  1. As a usual visitor who has been away for awhile it is good to see new faces as well as old friends at work. Mom

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