Trip to the Guggenheim

Discovering modern art anew through the eyes of this new generation of visionaries at the exhibit Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim.

New Students for Summer

The weather might be hot but it hasn’t discouraged our two newest students from Boys and Girls High School from coming to Window Studio afternoons as well as Saturdays. Both 10th graders are eager to spend their time doing more than just “hanging out in the park or playing games on their phones,” so we’re planning field trips to museums and neighborhoods in addition to art-making in the studio. Stay tuned!

(Artist in Residence Omari Waves, at work in the background.)

Drawing the Neighborhood

For yesterday’s class and in honor of the beautiful summer weather, we headed out with our sketchbooks to draw the neighborhood. We drew our friend Jonesy who was soaking up the sun in front of the laundromat, drew the castle towers of Pomoja House and then the storefronts along 356 Marcus Garvey. Actually a man who had just parked his car noticed that he was blocking the girls’ view and obligingly moved it. And while the picture captures the girl’s intentness on their drawings, it doesn’t capture that they were singing and shrieking and laughing as they worked! Their drawings are studies for the canvas mural that we are planning to paint inspired by Kerry James Marshall”s Garden Series paintings.

Art Hub 2017!

Kicking off 2017 with another fabulous Art Hub curated by Amber (AJ) Kellie, Danny McLean and Leon Tillman this past Saturday, February 18, 2017! Themed "all-black" for Black History month but welcoming to all those dedicated to creating and appreciating art and culture, the Art Hubs are fast becoming the hippest scene in Bed-Stuy! Don't miss the next one in early April!

And check out the videos from the opening:



Mimi’s Rainbow Kitty book

I loved working with Mimi to illustrate this story of a kitty with super powers. As always, her creative solutions to communicating with images blow me a way. Notice the foam clouds and other surprises. Fun way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Face to Face: Draw and Be Drawn

Be part of the picture with artist-in-residence Zoey Hart’s Face to Face: Drawn and Be Drawn, an ongoing series of collage portrait workshops that happen on a drop in basis Saturdays 1:30-4:00pm through June 26. Or sign up for one of the Portrait Collage Workshops on Sunday June 12 and June 26, 1:30-4:00pm.

Participants will work together to develop portrait collage images for the Face to Face public art flag series to be displayed around Brooklyn throughout the summer!

For more information and to register, email

An art studio for all!

How many places are there where you can spend an hour or so making art in the company of other artists of all ages? Recently as I was getting stared on my latest portrait, I was joined by Aviva with her baby, Kimora who had brought a friend, Diesel who is a graffiti artist and Cesar who is working on his illustrated novel, and Mimi who is always up for drawing puffins!

Holiday Art Show

Our fall season of workshops culminated in a Holiday Art Show in December. Inspired by the Migration Series by Jacob Lawrence on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, students made their own series of panels to show an important journey in their lives. These included a family's move from Canarsie to Bed-Stuy, from Belize to Brooklyn, from Arizona to Brooklyn, from Brooklyn to South Carolina and back again, as well as a visit to family in St. Vincents. Students shared their work with family and friends at the opening with refreshments. A good time was had by all ages!

Happy Father’s Day

From Mimi and the kids at Window Studio, who all wanted to make Father’s Day cards for their dads and step-dads.

Saturday at Window Studio

We have started Saturday classes at Window Studio this summer with new students taught by the artists-in-residence, not by Miss Anne. The vibe at yesterday's class was particularly sweet, as our new student Jenneah worked with Leon and Kimora. Leon introduced working with clay, and the girls each made pinch and coil pots. Kimora, who can sometimes get tempermental working in the weekday classes seems to really enjoy working with another girl her own age. The two of them stayed drawing together for awhile after class ended, singing along with Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" which Leon had playing as he worked on his own work. We also had a lot of people stop in to see what was going on and inquire about classes who were impressed by what they saw. Who wouldn't have been!