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Sirus and Sam at Window Studio.

The summer has been a busy time at Window Studio with art workshops attracting an increasing number of participants of all ages. Sam and Sirus come every week. Sam, age 12, works on his animation drawing while younger brother Sirus uses oil pastels and water-colors to create his imaginary animal, a combination of a snake and donkey, called a “Snadonkey”. Art sessions are complemented with reading stories and a trip to the corner store for a snack.

Chantal, already an accomplished designer of sneakers has also been coming regularly. She wasn’t that interested in studying art at college, but started creating hand-painted sneakers which she sells. Her love of patterns has led to a wide ranging exploration of abstract art. Together we’ve looked at the dense variety of marks in Van Gogh’s landscapes, the combination of colored forms with sinuous black line in Kandinsky and the gestural rhythm of Jackson Pollock’s paint throwing in Lavender Mist. A field trip to the Museum of Modern Art is in order!

And Karinna, who says she was always in trouble for drawing all over everything she could lay her hands on, including the walls, has reconnected with that inner child. After suppressing her creative instincts for so long, it sometimes seems hard for her to get her hand to do what she wants it to. But she worked with intense concentration on creating a color wheel and used it to develop her own color pattern.

These are only a few of the many people of all ages who have come in saying, “I used to love to draw, I won prizes for art in school, I always wished that I had been able to keep doing it, I can’t believe there’s an opportunity to make art like this.”

All ages

All ages are welcome!

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